About #BrokeMillennials

Welcome to the journey of an average millennial trying to figure out life and survive the financial burden of living in New York City. The goal: to stay out of the red and develop a respectable net worth on a small income.

I have a BA in journalism and theater and never took a finance or business course during college. Instead, I’ve been taught about money through life lessons and my own research.

Check back on Tuesdays or Wednesdays for new posts or follow me on Twitter for updates, daily financial advice and general wittiness! @BrokeMillennial

Contact me at brokemillennials@gmail.com.

6 thoughts on “About #BrokeMillennials

  1. Great post on my dirty little money saving secret – like your writing style. Love to see young folks helping others to save money and live within their means. Keep your blog going. Jeff

  2. Hi.

    I’m contemplating a move to New York in the not to far off future. I make a decent amount of money but I also love to save and live as nice as possible for as little money as possible.

    I will be working around Broadway, not on Broadway.. That would scare away any potential returning customers.

    Where would be the best part of the city to settle down? Should I shoot for living outside Manhattan and commute or is there anywhere in Manhattan that’s affordable??

    I should state that I can accept a 30min one way commute and a rent up to approx. 1500-2000$/month. Any good tips on web-pages to look for a place??

    I’ve only skimmed through your blog so far, but I’ll read more for sure, so far so good!

    cheers / Henrik

    • Hi Henrik,

      It depends where specifically on Broadway you’re working, but I highly recommend looking at Astoria, Queens. It’s a 15 minute commute into Manhattan and about 25 minutes away from Times Square. The overall price of living in an outer borough is cheaper, including rent, food, gym memberships and even movie tickets.

      Lots of people look for apartments via Craigslist, but here is an article about how to find other listings: http://mashable.com/2012/05/01/apartment-search-sites/. While it isn’t a money saver, using a broker often spares the headache of trying to find the often elusive apartment listed by owner.

      If you have more questions feel free to email me and I hope you keep reading!

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