Sharing the Love (Round Ups)

I’ve been seeing a lot of round ups lately and been fortunate enough to be included in a few. After three months in the personal finance blogging community it’s time to share the love.

If this is your first time to my blog, welcome, I’m glad to have you. If you’re a returning reader then you know my tendency to lean heavily on sarcasm (luckily people seem to find this “young and fresh”). Mostly, I credit my Dad and Tina Fey for my charming wit. There are a few other bloggers pushing the sarcasm agenda too and I truly enjoy reading their posts each week.

Without further ado, I give you my favorite Awesome Sarcastic Personal Finance Bloggers!

Johnny Moneyseed – JM is a fellow millennial, even if he is a bit older, and one of my favorite bloggers in the PF community. His writing is snarky and fun (as are his tweets), but the posts always focus on teaching great lessons about finances. He’s managed to climb out of debt and put his family back in black. Oh, and he’s a Marine so I’m pretty sure I only have a shot at taking him on with my words.

Girl Meets Debt – GMD is pretty fresh in the blogging world, but she’s managed to make quite a mark. She’s on “the bubble” as a millennial and brings some grown up perspective to my life. As the name implies, GMD is currently working to expunge debt from her life. She’s honest with her readers about her financial situation and wraps up each month with a debt update. It’s inspiring to see her chipping away and not to mention, fun to read. The girl knows how to give some good shopping tips too and if you like hockey give her a shout!

1500 Days to Freedom – I’ve been silently stalking 1500 Days for a couple of weeks (curtsey of JM’s tweets) and when I read  “Thursday Rant: Stupid People Edition” I was smitten. 1500’s goal is to build a portfolio of $1,000,000 by February of 2017, which is… you guessed it…1500 days from the inception of his blog. He may have about 15 years on me, but the running update of his portfolio is a little depressing. I need to up my investment game!

Student Debt Survivor – Similar to GMD, Student Debt Survivor discusses the process of getting out of the red. Lucky for her, she’s already there and sharing the journey with the scores of others dealing with student loans and other debt. KK (her nickname) paid off $25,000 of debt in two years so you might want to give her your attention my fellow millennials.

Are Ya Gonna Eat That? – Admittedly, I have just started reading this blog, but she’s got sass and solid tips. Plus, her disclaimer’s hyperlink cracked me up. I’m a big fan of three out of four her topics (travel, running, food and personal finance – guess which three). She’s on a mission to pay off debt, curb spending habits and chronicle it publicly for accountability. Perhaps she can also convince me running is fun (guess I just gave away which three out of four I agree with).


11 thoughts on “Sharing the Love (Round Ups)

  1. Stalking, eh!? I’m going to have to keep a close watch over my shoulder . 🙂

    Really though, thank you so much for the shout out. I’m glad you’re enjoying the rants! There will be plenty more…

  2. I’m new to Student Debt Survivor, but I’d like to think I’m very familiar with the rest of the bunch. Like GMD said, I’ve been in a round-up or two-enty, but this is the first one that I really care about people a part of. (I still love everyone who has included me in their round-ups, except for financialmoneytips.. you guys are just weird).

    I’ll do my research about SDS, and maybe she can turn this quintet into a sextet? There’s gotta be a better word for that..

    • A) I’m glad you care!. B) Totally going to go check out these financialmoneytips folks.

      According to sources on Google a ” large group” can be referred to as a crowd, or throng, or a mob. I’m partial to throng.

      • They’ve added me to about 50 of their round up posts, and sometimes they mis-tag who actually wrote the posts.

        Throng is a good one. The PF Throngers.

      • Throng sounds a lot like thong, but I’m cool with that. @ Johnny Moneyseed, I saw a couple of your comments on other pf blogs and I’m glad to have “found” you. Your post, “Establishing a New American Dream” is one of my “standouts” this week. Stop by if you get a chance!

        @BrokeMillennials, please and proud to be a part of this crowd. All good characters if you ask me! Thanks for including me!

  3. I am flattered to be included in this great list – thank you for the mention! I’m new to your blog as well, but am definitely impressed when millennials take personal financial responsibility seriously at an early age. Kudos to you and looking forward to reading your future posts. 🙂

    • Happy to include you and glad JM suggested reading your blog! The first post (Donuts and Dollars) really explains a lot about why I’m into financial responsibility early. This week’s post will also have an undercurrent of explanation while I discuss financial literacy.

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